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All About Jam !

All about Jam !

We love our jam at Chessell! It stars in our award-winning cream teas, we sell it to customers in our shop and we are very proud to make it all ourselves, from Isle of Wight strawberries whenever possible!

This year, we made 650 kg of jam from nearly a ton of strawberries – and we have already started on next year’s jam from this summer fruit harvest.


Earlier this summer, we held a weekend-long fair celebrating everything strawberry-related.

Many of those who attended also helped hull strawberries, in return for a voucher to use in

the cafe. It was a huge success and enormous fun all round – as well as raising some

much-needed funds for the Isle of Wight’s Foodbank charity.

Next year, we are hoping to diversify and sell more different types of jam, as well as our

regular strawberry and raspberry varieties. We’ll also be stocking more of the delicious

chutneys that we serve in the cafe with our salads and sharing platters, which proved

extremely popular when they were on sale in the shop but sold out in record time!



Customers love taking our jam home with them in our smart new gift jars. Not only do they

get to share a taste of Chessell with their friends and family but the timelessly practical

Kilner jars can be re-used afterwards. The strawberry-printed packaging ties in with our

ever-popular Strawberry-ware pottery so jam-fans can buy a matching jam dish or milk jug

and re-create the cream tea experience at home!

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